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From Nowhere To...

Have you ever been in a place that seemed absolutely nowhere? Where an incredible amount of nothing was going on and probably never would?

Well, with just the slightest effort, maybe with one little step, you could leave nowhere and be somewhere.

And, from somewhere, if you really want to, you could take another step and end up somewhere else.

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Now That's Really Cold!

Several years ago we spent the night at a motel in the Colorado Rockies.

I knew it was cold there but I didn’t realize just how frigid it really was till I discovered they had a heater in the soft drink machine to keep the cans from freezing solid.

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Freaked Him Out

While we ate lunch two of us talked about mystical and psychic things. About things we had heard about, witnessed, and about personal experiences connected with the strange worlds of the unseen. There were three of us there but one of the men remained quiet during the conversation.

As we got up to leave I looked directly in the eyes of the quiet one and said, “I know, you are thinking right now that the things we were talking about are a bunch of bunk. That no one with any sense at all could possibly believe a person’s mind can be read by another.”

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Paranormal Eyeglass Smears

Eyeglasses are supposed to be clean. I can’t stand looking through glasses that have smears and specks of dirt on them. I clean mine several times a day.

This morning I cleaned them as part of my preparation to do some writing.

When I put them on they were perfectly clean. I looked at the computer screen and all was clear. No blurs or anything.

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Give Yourself A Facelift

Some people spend large quantities of money on plastic surgery and botox treatments. Others smear on various kinds of makeup…often so thick it seems they must put in on with a putty knife.

Yet, there is a way to greatly improve your looks and it's cheap and completely painless. In fact, it's free. That makes it even more painless.

What, you are wondering, could it possibly be?

Well, it's a little thing you do with your face. It's called...Smiling.

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Pondering A Question

If they pulled the stopper out of the drain at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean…where would the water go?

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And A Squirrel Came By

On my morning walk and communion with nature, after stopping several times to just enjoy the multitude of Pine trees, I eventually arrived at my turn-around point.

There is a stone circle there with lush green grass growing about. I was standing in the center of the circle in quiet contemplation when I sensed a nearby presence. I opened my eyes and looked down and slightly to my left just as a beautiful gray squirrel appeared. He glanced at me and continued slowly on his way, walking right by my foot and showing no indication of nervousness or fear of me.

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Loud Noises

Last night, actually at about twilight, something hit the window that is just behind my desk. Really gave it a whack. Made a heck of a racket. I immediately went outside to see what it was. Thought maybe a bird had flown into it. I couldn’t find a thing that might have caused it.

About 30 minutes later there was another loud noise and the entire room shook. Went out and looked once more, but again nothing to be seen.

This morning I walked all around the outside of the building but saw nothing in the physical that could have caused any sounds like those I heard.

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Knock Knock...Nobody There

Well, we’ve already started this day off in weirdsville.

Someone or something just knocked on the door. Five distinct raps. I immediately looked out and…there was no one there. And it’s daytime.

I almost expect to hear the Twilight Zone theme begin playing.

Additional Note: When I tried to upload this post my computer wouldn’t launch the browser. Had to try twice.


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Whoa! What Was That?

Well…here we go again.

There was a terrible crashing sound. The whole building shook and vibrated. A car or truck must have gone out of control and crashed into the the bottom floor. Right?

Wrong. Went out and looked. Nothing going on. No wreck. No bodies laying about. No police nor fire sirens. Just normal traffic flowing by.

Earthquake? Nope…checked that out too.

Strange things continue.

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The Pope Resigning Means Nothing

The doom and gloom people are trying to make a big thing about the Pope resigning. I have to give them credit, they never pass up a chance to flap their lips about some pointless prophesy or prediction that supposedly guarantees the beginning of the end of the world.

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The Shadow

Here’s a strange thing that has happened.

There is a light over the stairs that leads up to my front door. The top half of the door is glass and has translucent venetian blinds on it. If someone is outside the door at night I can see their shadow on the blinds.

One night I happened to glance down the hall leading to the door and I saw a shadow. Someone was standing outside and close to the door. Thanking I had maybe failed to hear their knock, I went to the door and peeked through the blinds to see who it was.

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Let's Hear It For The Weeds

I like weeds. They're hardy and will grow just about anywhere. They don't require tilling and feeding with some special fertilizer. Lots of them are good to eat and some have beautiful flowers.

I don't know why weeds got such a bad rap. It it weren't for them some places would be really barren, funky looking affairs. Consider how dreary those wonderful, lush, high mountain meadows would be without all those wild plants (weeds) ablaze with their blooms.

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Winter Wonderland

As far as the eye could see the pine and fir trees stood, their limbs and needles covered by a thick blanket of the purest white, their dark trunks in stark contrast against the brightness of the snow. In spots the wind had drifted the snow on the ground into other-worldly shapes. And to complete this live picture post card there were breaks in the clouds revealing a sky of incredible blue.