Aliens and UFOs

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Ultradimensional UFO defies censorship, appears at ECETI

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The Unknown Why are We are so Lost

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Multiple UFO witness speaks out: lack of explanation leads him to write essay

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ET Akashic Plasma Field Or The Divine In Us All

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Triangular UFO Over Taganga (SantaMarta - Colombia)

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UFO Over Spain?

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ET Omni Alliance Among Starpeople, Lightworkers, Hybrids, Masters, God

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Brazilian Air Force Confirms UFO Reports and Regulates How To Handle Them

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Mysterious Email

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Secret tests off of Oahu witnessed by my daughter and I or UFO's playing tag?

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Minneapolis-St. Paul news station captures UFO footage

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Senior Citizens, Pets and Abduction: Not a Happy Story

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UFO expert: ‘Scotland is a world hot spot for UFOs, ghosts and monsters’

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Andromedian ET Art Creations Collection by TJ

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The impact of "beliefs in UFOs" on American pop culture, a special presentation on Sept. 14 in New Mexico