Ancient Astronauts

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In the Eye of Ra

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Ancient Alien Astronauts -Gold Interest -What did Indians Know?

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The Mars Monorail System: Indisputable Proof That Intelligent Life Exists on the Red Planet

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Most Ancient Alien Advocates...

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The Gods vs. Aliens Debate

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History of Ascension Age ET in Clues of Indians and Ancients Prior to Written Bible

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Deep Cavern Systems Worldwide & Honey-Combed thru out the Planet!

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Strange structures on the asteroid Vesta

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Mysteries of Mount Shasta: Home Of The Underground Dwellers and Ancient Gods

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Giant Footprint of God

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Chris Holly's The 800lb UFO in the Living Room

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Intervention: the Return of the Gods

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Finally - A Must Have UFO Book

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My Take On The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin

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Will The Gods Of Old Be Returning In Full Force Soon?