Cattle Mutilations

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Mutilated Cattle Appear in San Andres de Giles, Buenos Aires

Mutilation cases in 2013 have multiplied perhaps with the same intensity as they did back in that incredible year 2002, when everything turned to madness around the cases.
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The Ongoing Horror of the Half Cat Killings!

Sadly I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat
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The Strangeness Continues in Bates County

We created this site, not for attention, but we felt we had to let our friends, neighbors, family members and residents of our small town, our county know that there were strange things going on.
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Commotion over Animal Attack in Pellegrini, Santiago del Estero

Residents found young goats with incisions, without organs and entrails, and with no traces of blood in the area. No reliable explanation has been found.
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Cattle Mutilations in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

A cattle rancher from Paraje San Miguel, located in the interior of the Quebrachos department, made known the discovery of mutilated cows.
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The Chupacabras Returns To Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rican media approached the subject of the paranormal predator again in 2012, when reporter Yaritza Santiago wrote an article for El Nuevo Dia about the entity’s return to the scene, this ti
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Cattle Mutilations Return to Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Strange deaths were a reason for surprise and uncertainty for a family of small livestock producers in Estancia El Retiro, located some 14 kilometers to the northeast of Frías.
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Five Goats Mutilated in Santiago del Estero Argentina

Five goats were found dead in the Sarmiento wilderness, Department of Alberdi, with strange perforations in their heads through which their entrails and other organs may have been extracted, according
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Concern Over Cattle Mutilations in Santo Domingo, Argentina

Three calves were attacked – one dead, the other put down, the third still alive – by something that remains unidentified. Furthermore, the type of incision made makes it a true
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Save the UK’s Badgers from profit-based genocide

Over the centuries badgers have had a pretty poor time of it with human inroads on their dwindling habitat. Then there were the controversial and blood splattered excesses of badger baiting etc.
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Half Cat Mutilation reports continue!

Half Cat Mutilation reports continue to fill my email box from all over the world. The reports are nearly identical. An ordinary person going about their normal routine stumbles upon a half of a corps
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Mass Cattle Mutilations in Formosa Argentina

We had barely emerged from the commotion caused by cases in Entre Rios when news of a mutilated calf found in Formosa caught our attention.
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VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation, Argentina

Once again we are bewildered by news of a strange animal death. In this particular instance, the case involves a white horse belonging to José González, who was surprised not only by the animal’s deat
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Is It Dangerous Where You Live?

Awhile back I wrote an article about the infamous Plum Island that is located off of the tip of Long Island New York. Plum Island has been long known as a place of dangerous activities since the mid..
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More Reports of Cat Mutilations