Crop Circles

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From Mars To Earth, Matteo Ianneo's Archaeological Research

I have devoted a great deal of time in research into archaeological discoveries on the planet Mars, beginning years ago with the discoveries made by Richard C. Hoagland's analysis of pictures of the..
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Are UFO Occupants Composed of Plasma, Their Life-Force Residing in Electric Energy?

After many years of being involved in UFOlogy, I have concluded that some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma.
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Crop circles, ancient temples, and the coding of the Earth

On the recent Awakening Albion Great Mystery tour with Jude Currivanour group did a walking meditation in this crop circle on July 25 (the Maya Dreamspell "day out of time") and it was amazing!
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UFO Lights Sighted in Crop Circle Territory - July 26, 2012

"I had a peculiar experience last night in the Vale of Pewsey July 26, 2012: I have nothing at all to back this up with, aside from my solemn word that it all happened as I am about to describe. I hav
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The Coming Human Evolution: Crop circles, ancient temples, and the coding of the Earth

"Genuine crop circles are indistinguishable from ancient temples insofar as how they work, what they do to you, and what they do for you."
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An "S.O.S" From Paul Vigay and David Kingston To Colin Andrews

For some time now Colin Andrews has been publicly expressing increasing negativity and animosity toward various crop circle enthusiasts and, recently, has irresponsibly accused both me and my friend,
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July 1 2012 Cropcircle at Waden Hill Avebury and Leonardo Da Vinci

On July 1 2012 a crop circle formed at Walden Hill at Avebury. The crop circle pattern was a triangle with flower of life symbols with in it.
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Introducing Film Maker Patty Greer and her Crop Circles

Patty Greer had a life changing out-of-body-experience in the center of a UK Crop Circle in 2007, and that was the day her perception of reality was forever changed. She saw & felt things she had neve
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The possible 6/2/2012 Manton Drove Cropcircle warning of the fall of the European Union

I have seen the June 2 2012 Cropcircle sited at Manton Drove Marlborough Wiltshire. The Crop Circle is a series of circles and some that are broken.
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Other Aspects of the Las Perdices Crop Circles Case

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New BLT Report: Pat Delgado & Dave Chorley on Video & Digital Cameras

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UPDATE: Mysterious Circle Caused by UFO Landing at Las Perdices?

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A Crop Circle in Las Perdices, Argentina

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UFO Involvement in Crop Circle Study

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Chris Holly's 'A Message to Mankind from a Real Time Abductee'