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UFO Digest Newsletter November 1, 2012 - Halloween Edition

Welcome to the Halloween issue of UFO Digest. Here you will find many Halloween related articles including two articles by Pat Regan, concerning Pagans and Bigots!
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Halloween: The Sacred Pagan Time of True Love…

I have written at great length about the true meaning of Halloween countless times
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Halloween: Banned by Bigots in South Russia and American Schools!

Yes, it’s true! Not only Russia but incredibly parts of the USA’s increasingly biased education system have taken the first tyrannical steps towards wholesale religious intolerance and ‘banned’ what f
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The Paranormal Has A Sense Of Humor

The paranormal is not always scary, but rather a neat connectivity that may scream coincidence or synchronicity as your mind attempts to understand something that's just happened that probably shouldn
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We Like To Be Scared!

The Haunting of Hill House', by Shirley Jackson, titled,'The Haunting', in its movie version terrified me and I have yet to see a scarier movie. Goose bumps still have goose bumps when I recall this f
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Halloween Ghosts and Spirits: Is This the Time the Corridor Between Dimensions Opens?

As Pagans say, "Blessed Samhain is the time when the veil is thinnest!"
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Classic Spooky UFO Movies for Halloween - Brad and Sherry Steiger

By Brad and Sherry Steiger, Authors of Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds
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There has been an enormous leap in interest, in the minds of the American people, into the subject of the paranormal and ghosts in particular. Television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Whisperer,
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History and Customs of Halloween

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Ed Fleming's 'Ghosts and Halloween'

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Nothing Can Harm You! Ghosts, Hauntings and the Eternal Spirit

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Alien ET & UFO Community Celebrates Halloween -ACE Folklife

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Halloween; Satan Coming To Get You...Or Is The Local Vicar 'At It Again?’

Halloween stands awkwardly in the way of the CHURCH PROPAGANDA MACHINE, as it is one of the hardest traditional heathen festivals to convert or eradicate; hence the typical commotion made each 31st Oc
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Haunted Catfish Plantation Halloween secrets revealed in new video

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A Halloween Horror Story Told to me as a True Event