Human Consciousness

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Over the weekend, robot kind took its first small step into the great beyond. Kirobo, a little tiny walking talking robot, was part of the payload sent up to the International Space Station (ISS) on S
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You are meant in this lifetime to change the dynamic, the relationship with your humanness to self love; from a 3rd dimensional stand point of separation and self condemnation to a 4th and 5th dimensi
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Comets which scientists assumed were “dead,” having melted and otherwise disintegrated in their long journeys around the Solar System, are coming back to life, their cores re-forming.
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My friend Christian Macé emailed me this discovery he made of a possible vehicle on Mars. I immediately thought I saw a military tank so I enlarged the original photo (bottom of article) by using auto
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Silent Running of the Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse was the first solar powered plane to fly across America
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Silent Running of the Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse was the first solar powered plane to fly across America
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Is Our World Composed of Pixels, Are We Emulated Minds?

Is human DNA actually a form of synthetic biology? If so, who or what created our pixels? Can the UFO puzzle only be fully explained with the answer that we live in a super-computer simulated world?
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A Four Letter Word, Math

I read an article today, published at Mail Online, that covered a paper recently published by two scientists from the University of Edinburgh. These two professors actually did some math.
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Man-Made Global Warming Scam. Wholesale Global Indoctrination On A Massive Scale

The question of alleged Man-Made Global Warming (MMGW) is highly divisive to say the least. Like a vicious civil war, it regrettably sets good friends and family against each other. In the following a
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Straddling the Worlds: The Paranormality of Being Normal

The quantum aspect of personal reality is that we each represent a specific grouping of atoms that will simultaneously duplicate itself with variations.
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Massive Bee deaths over 36 million found in Elmwood Canada

Bee extinction is coming to Canada
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The Octopus from Hell

Cheri Seymour’s prologue to The Last Circle overviewed how versions of PROMIS software were a “two way” backdoor integration for tracking money laundering and intelligence data of countries:
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Are Aliens Part of God’s Domain?

If you believe in God, you have to ask yourself, “Did God create aliens too?” If you do not believe in God, you have to wonder how life managed to pop up on far distant planets which have environments
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From the Journal of Cheetah and Jane: Near-death experience at the age of two

Life is an unexpected series of events. When something paranormal happens, it is difficult to comprehend. For a young child, he/she may think that it is all a dream,. After all, what is reality?
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American People Now The Biggest Threat To Their Own Government

One would think that the US government could at least hire people who have some imagination when it comes to presenting actual False Flag events that are designed to sway the American public into...