Lost Civilizations

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The French Watch Helplessly as Ancient Prophecies are Fulfilled…at Their Extreme Expense

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The Confused Convoluted Dead End Road to the Answers of the Unknown

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Two Pillars: Ley Lines to Your Fault Line

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QUEST FOR GOD: Dirk Vander Ploeg & Erich von Daniken on Same Page!

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More Poussin Code Treasures - The Pompeii Mystery Lamp

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The Thing On The Bridge

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The Mayans and the Jewish Midrash

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That Which Glistens: Paranormal Treasure

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The Paranormal in Mayan Lore

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Evolution – The Unexplained Explored

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Astronaut ETs, Both Males and Females In Space (Heaven) - CLUE 7

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Humanoid face carved in Stonehenge

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Stonehenge's Twin Found Stone's Throw Away

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UFOs,the media, and the Dogon tribe