New World Order

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A Look At The Freemasons

There is no doubt that the Freemasons are a very secretive bunch. But are they controlling the world? If and when in trouble apparantly a freemason just has to show some ring and they get off the hook
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Breaking The Back Of Bilderberg, How Do We Do It?

Societal structures and physical structures both crumble along fault lines when stress is applied. The people of the world are becoming aware of the evolutionary and environmental threats created by
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Time to Face the Times in Which We Live

warning about the era we are now living
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Save the UK’s Badgers from profit-based genocide

Over the centuries badgers have had a pretty poor time of it with human inroads on their dwindling habitat. Then there were the controversial and blood splattered excesses of badger baiting etc.
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‘Divine appointment' or ancient lies to keep the populace in its place…?

Like many other systems of clandestine mind control, the respectable UK Establishment is inherently biased and loaded against bona fide concepts of freedom for the ordinary person in the street. This
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Are Fusion Camps Up And Ready To Operate?

For years now I've heard of fusion centers being built throughout the USA to detain those refusing to recieve the 666 mark. There may be others placed in these camps such as law abiding citizens who r
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Three 9/11 Videos that Scream “Inside Job”

Are you just beginning to question the authenticity of the official story of September 11, 2001 or have you questioned from the day it happened? Either way, 9/11 is probably the most prolific event...
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Heroine Defies Dictator in The Hunger Games

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Another Look At The Microchip

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The Devastation of Mankind!

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Alien ET UFO Community Transparency 2012 & Human Rights in Global Community

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Iowan Republican Voters Subconsciously Sense Gingrich's Transhuman Identity

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How Iran Landed Our Drone On Their Runway

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Wake Up America, You Are Losing Your Freedom!

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Anthony F. Sanchez's Project Leonid