Occult, The

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If you want to explore the inner worlds of being then it is a must for you to develop the ability to travel in your soul body. Yes, Soul, not Astral travel or projection. There is a big difference...
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Peter Levenda’s rather in depth and scholarly work delves into the origins of Nazism which began far earlier than Hitler’s January 30, 1933 ascendency. Its origins wrest back to an early form of...
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Vikings UFOs and BigFoots Part IV

The Kingdom of Rothgar hangs in the balance as Buliwyf, Ibn Fadian, and his men prepare for a battle with the dreaded Wendol.
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The Ongoing Horror of the Half Cat Killings!

Sadly I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat
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Negative Thought Forms

The reality of concentrated negative energy.
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The Creek Had An Attitude

It was a gorgeous autumn day as my wife and I turned off the main highway and on to a narrow road that held the promise of satisfying our desire to see some of the beautiful fall colors so prevalent i
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The Falklands, Baphomet, Conformity and Liberation

For centuries the Church has spun one lie after another, like a rampant spider waiting for prey within its deadly web. The world’s populace has apathetically sleep-walked into fraudulence and deceit a
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In The Woods...My Journey Begins

It happened in the woods. I remember it as if it took place just yesterday. My first major up close and personal experience with the unseen.
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An Occult View of UFOs and the Paranormal

As with many people who encounter the UFO phenomenon, Maria D’ Andrea’s experiences began in childhood. Maria is a native of Hungary, and in 1956, she fled along with her family from the coming tyrann
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Called By A Wild Wind

In the canyon at the pull-out next to the huge, familiar old pine tree. Just beyond it I can see the creek splashing against the boulder.
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Pagan Code of Honour

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A Halloween Horror Story Told to me as a True Event

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Halloween Time and Chris Holly's Talk with a Pagan Witch

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Immersion in the Egyptian Mysteries

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The Truth of Spiritualism