VIDEO: Son of Billy Meier; Methi exposes FIGU

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Neil Gould, Exopolitics Hong Kong interviews "Methi Meier", the son of Billy Meier who makes certain controversial disclosures about his father "Billy" Eduardo Meier and FIGU in Switzerland.

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Some of Methi's claims include the manipulation of Meier by FIGU members, how Billy Meier's does not practice what he preaches [committed violence against his wife] and Methi casts doubts as to the authenticity of "some" [not all] of Meier's contact notes!!! He does support the authenticity of some of the spiritual teachings and early contacts.

The interview was in response to Methi's post on his blog:


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It's about time someone came forward with the truth on Meiers and this group, etc. besides me. I knew that somehting was wrong with the picture when back in the late 80's I received a reply packet containing very slanderous letters/comments from Meiers & the group in which they claimed: anyone who claimed Pleiadian contact outside of Meiers was "seriously mentally ill," "schizophrenic," etc....esp. when upon opening the packet I immediately got attacked by a very sharp sick feeling to my solar plexus area that lasted for 3 days! Thank you Methi for having the courage to speak up!