Freaked Him Out

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While we ate lunch two of us talked about mystical and psychic things. About things we had heard about, witnessed, and about personal experiences connected with the strange worlds of the unseen. There were three of us there but one of the men remained quiet during the conversation.

As we got up to leave I looked directly in the eyes of the quiet one and said, “I know, you are thinking right now that the things we were talking about are a bunch of bunk. That no one with any sense at all could possibly believe a person’s mind can be read by another.”

The man’s eyes widened, he took a deep breath, then he turned and walked away without saying a word.

About an hour later the guy I’d been having the discussion with telephoned me. He was laughing so hard he could hardly talk. When he was finally able to speak, he said, “You completely freaked that other guy out. What you said he was thinking about right before he left was exactly, word for word, what was going through his mind.”

After that day the man would never have lunch with us anymore.