Multi-Tasking, Pulled From Pillar To Post But Full Of Joy…

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The heading above just about sums up the way I tend to run my busy life, at least some of the time. I bet that others could say the same for their lives too. There’s never enough time to get everything completed that one initially sets out to complete.

Of course, for many folk this can and does create stress and confusion. However, I am one of the lucky ones for I tend to thrive of multi-tasking and seeking to deal with many issues all at the same time. This is reflected in my writings and the great diversity therein mirrors my lifestyle. One minute I may be writing up another chapter on fly fishing and then an unexpected UFO report crops up and I am frantically gathering details for that.  

A lot of my writing time is spent seeking to alert others to the dangers of religious fundamentalism. Political deceit is also a passion that I like to report on and one in which I have a lot of first – hand experience. Due to this the media have called me a “controversial author”, yet I prefer to say that I am simply ‘honest’ in what I write. And as they say:  ‘you cannot please all of the people all of the time’ …so?

Also because I am a Pagan I can at times attract negativity from self-righteous evangelists who habitually misunderstand my sincere agenda, see me as a threat and clearly think I am the Anti-Christ in person.  Misunderstanding is one of the primary reasons for conflict in this world and it can lead to great bitterness. Ignorance too is another motive for hate and distrust.

But please do NOT get me wrong, I am not one of your typical New Age, ‘White-light only’ lobby that think forgiveness and love will heal everything. No, I am a realist and appreciate that as the Tao teaches us, one cannot have light without dark. Opposites must coexist together for universal balance to be achieved. The ancients knew this truth well but today a lot of people, who should know better, have fallen for the mind – screw of the ‘love and light’ darlings who regularly create an ambiguous, pseudo-scientific, worldview that many get sucked into.

Anyway, that is enough from me. It’s Yuletide as I write this so I must get back to the seasonal festivities......

All the best

Pat Regan