PAGAN HERITAGE - A New Book by Pat Regan

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The Spiritual Birthright of the British Isles   

A New Book By UFO Digest Contributor Pat Regan




UFO Digset is proud to announce -> This is Pat Regan’s ninth (9th) book!


In this exclusive study, the author continues on from where his successful last book on this subject, THE NEW PAGAN HANDBOOK, left off. 


Within this unique book Pat Regan reveals the mysterious nature of the diverse, spiritual forces underlying the British landscape.


The ancient peoples, who made their impact on the British Isles, influenced many later cultures after them.




A great deal of pre-Christian heritage came to the British Isles from the Celts, Saxons, Romans and Vikings etc.


This incredible Pagan legacy went on to give rise to countless traditions that later spread to the rest of the globe.


The organic Paganism of the British Isles is therefore in many ways a central point for the Old Religion that mysteriously held sway over the native people of so many lands.


These green isles held their own thriving native spirituality, folklore and customs long before intolerant church missionaries from far away spread their restrictive, ‘one-god’ doctrine on the inhabitants on the land.


In this ground-breaking book Pat Regan brings together numerous mythological aspects, surrounding the old gods and goddesses of the native countryside and explains how they may influence us today. 



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