Paranormal Eyeglass Smears

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Eyeglasses are supposed to be clean. I can’t stand looking through glasses that have smears and specks of dirt on them. I clean mine several times a day.

This morning I cleaned them as part of my preparation to do some writing.

When I put them on they were perfectly clean. I looked at the computer screen and all was clear. No blurs or anything.

I momentarily glanced at some notes laying on my desk and then back at the computer screen. What the heck happened? My glasses had something on them. I took them off and saw two smears on the right lens, one right above the other.

Where did they come from? My hands hadn’t left the keyboard so I know I didn’t touch the lens. The smears were on the outside so I know my eyelashes didn’t cause the them. It baffles me.

Maybe the resident haints are playing tricks on me again.