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By Tony Elliott
(Copyright 2018, Tony Elliott - All Rights Reserved)
<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>
We have something very strange and sinister going on in plain view with our Senators and Congress-people today that many have failed to notice, or just brush off.  It is the erratic behavior and or the seeming breakdown of their mental capacity during public appearances and speaking engagements. At times, it makes one wonder if they are suffering from age related afflictions such as Dementia or Alzheimer's disease or have addiction problems with alcohol and or drugs.
The main representatives who exhibit this  behavior are Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John McCain, Al Green, and Frederica Wilson. It seems these people cannot even speak publically for even a few minutes before they slur their words, forget things like who the current president is, or the very topic they are supposed to be talking about. Some, like Green, McCain, Waters, and Wilson are so wrapped up in trying to find ways to get rid of President Trump that they have taken a hiatus from their jobs of representing their constituents altogether and completely focus their energy and efforts on getting rid of Donald Trump.
The crazy thing about this is, they are trying to impeach him based on absolutely nothing other than their hatred of him. This in itself shows the absolute insanity of their minds as anyone in government should know, you cannot impeach a president unless there is grounds and evidence that he committed an impeachable offense. Yet, they continue their efforts as if they are robots programmed to do nothing else.
Nancy Pelosi cannot even make a single appearance without exhibiting behavior exactly that of Alzheimer's affliction. Even her physical expressions are bazaar as well.  
Maxine Waters is in a class of her own when it comes to being absolutely insane. This woman rants and raves incoherently and completely ignores various people who try to interview her. Her behavior is one which seems to be triggered by key words such as Trump, racism, etc. Waters is like a human robot who is programmed to respond only to these key topics and do it in the style of a raving lunatic.
Waters definitely earns her title as "Mad Max."
John McCain is another aging Senator who goes off the deep end more often than not. McCain is a man who obviously has a lot of anger built up subconsciously and shows it at almost every public appearance and Senate meeting. McCain never recovered from his time as a POW during the Vietnam War and most of his decisions as a Senator have been un-American in every aspect.
Frederica Wilson is another Representative who totally displays her absolute insanity, both in her clothing and actions. Wilson and her wacky counterpart Mad Max are about as racist as they are out of their minds.
Al Green is a person who exists in his own world, totally oblivious to reality as has been seen in his feeble attempt to get President Trump impeached, based on absolutely no impeachable offense. Green has covered his own inappropriate sexual escapades in his past, having done it the old fashioned way of paying off his potential accuser along with an agreement between them. 
The thing about having Senators and Congress-people who are obviously insane is nothing new, however it is the number of them who are exhibiting this behavior that is strange. Having just 1 or 2 would be nothing to be concerned about, but when the number get higher than 5 or 6, which it definitely is, counting those aside from the prominent outspoken representatives it seems we are in the middle of some epidemic disease that deteriorates the mental capacity of only those in government. 
Witnessing these people talk and seeing their actions makes one wonder if they have been implanted with some high tech device in their brains to keep them on track with some sinister agenda and these devices have become defective causing confusion, delirium, and an overall scrambling of their ability to think. The odds of all of them suffering from various stages of Dementia and or Alzheimer's is almost zero. Thus, some kind of sophisticated brain implant actually seems to be the only plausible explanation. It makes more sense on the surface than the odds of them all having an age related affliction, disease, or injury.
The most interesting aspect of having a brain chip implanted is where it would be inserted, which would be usually eye socket itself or the frontal lobe of the brain which would require surgery to get through the frontal section of the skull.
These two surgical procedures which are required to implant chips and devices in the brain would leave the patient with either a black eye or sutured area above the eye. This medical fact brings us to the recent news on the number of people in government who suddenly got a black eye for various reasons. 
The number of politicians appearing in public with black eyes and or bruises near their eyes is too much for it to be a coincidence. Back in 2012, Barack Obama was seen having a slight discoloration around his eye. Harry Reed had a nasty injury to his eye in 2015, supposedly due to an accident with exercise equipment which is unbelievable since most exercise equipment would be hard to get such an injury to the eye specifically. 
John Kerrey had a black eye and broken nose in 2012, supposedly acquired during a hockey game he played. Imagine John Kerrey playing hockey, right, it just isn't possible.
George W Bush had a black eye supposedly from chocking on a pretzel, fainting and hitting his eye in the process.
The black eye syndrome doesn't limit itself to United States politicians as both Prince Andrew and the Pope were seen with black eyes. Prince Andrew and Pope Francis did have black eyes in 2017.
Lets not forget the surgery supposedly to remove a blood clot from the eye of John McCain recently, which turned into being a malignant tumor only days later. McCain sported bruising and sutures for days, nevertheless, yet someone else having an injury to the eye area. 
Again, like the erratic behavior of so many elected officials, the incidence of black eyes and bruising of so many people in politics is beyond being a mere coincidence, but one of suspicion based on the fact that so many cases could not realistically happen so close together and involve so many in politics. Pope Francis is definitely included as a political figure as he essentially governs his own nation and has influence the world over. Francis has been one of the most politically outspoken Popes in history.
What we seem to have here is an invisible core direction by hidden entities who have an overall political agenda which they require many in various governments throughout the world to act accordingly in bringing "their vision" to fruition. 
If we pay attention to the doctor visits of many politicians and presidents, we see the change mentally almost immediately. Barack Obama was elected and seemed to want to fulfill his campaign promises of closing Gitmo, and various other items, however after his doctor visit for a check up in 2010, his whole political agenda changed. 
Very recently, President Trump was reported as having difficulty with speech and slurring his words while speaking about the US recognition of Jerusalem.  Due to this speech, Trump promised to go for a check up.  He passed his physcial examination and mental competancy exam with perfect scores.
What will be interesting is watching him for any changes in policy, attitude toward certain topics such as will he suddenly scrap the idea of the Wall, suddenly want gun control, etc.

If my suspicion proves to be correct, we can expect some 180 degree turns in the president's policies and attitude. If this proves to be the case, we can rest assured that there really is something sinister at play with our elected officials. 


Tony Eliott

January 31st, 2018

San Antonio, Texas