We Are Being Watched

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UFOs are a fact. Extraterristrials are a fact. Even if there are a lot of bogus information out there, misunderstandings and what not, weather balloons and whole array of other things, the so-called aliens are here and have been here for thousands of year. But one thing that we must not forget is that we are talking about many different cultures here. Like there are many cultures on Earth, there are a plethora of cultures in space. And so, we must always remind ourselves that this is not little green men in tea saucers, but probably hundreds of cultures that in secret watch us. Now, humanity only believes the established official facts or what the newspapers or TV-stations accept as true. So, you get a science-fiction mentality. The governments, however have been communing with extra terrestrials for years. If you look at it logically, space is endless. Accordingly, the galaxy must be so filled with life we would not even begin to understand it. Even if there are only planets inhabitable along a very scarse line. We are not alone. Space is a tourist attraction, a vacation resort, a club med filled with activity.