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  • William Grabowski's picture William Grabowski

    William J. Grabowski is the author of THE UNTOLD, described as a fantastic conspiracy-thriller (available on AMAZON). From 1984-1989 he was book-reviewer/interviewer for World Fantasy Award-winning THE HORROR SHOW magazine, earning a nomination from SPWAO as best nonfiction writer. His short fiction, articles, reviews, and interviews with Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Clive Barker, J.N. Williamson, Robert Bloch, Colin Wilson and many others have been published in HORRORSTRUCK, FANTASY REVIEW, SOLON HERALD SUN, HAUNTS, 2AM, NIGHTMARE EXPRESS, THE GATE,, NPR's WIRELESS and others. He recently has joined BEWARE THE DARK magazine as a Contributing Editor. Currently he is finishing a nonfiction book, BLACK LIGHT: PERSPECTIVES ON MYSTERIOUS PHENOMENA, and sharing it pre-publication on his blog, THE NIGHT RUN ( His darkly comic novella, JOHNNY FLASH ("An uneasy mix of THE BIG LEBOWSKI and THE X-FILES...") is due out in early 2014.

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    Steve Erdmann, having spent a lifetime living and struggling in the ways and styles of a born and breed Midwestern, now wants to share the experiences of fellow St. Louisans and those of the Mississippi Basin.  In the past, he has attended Washington and Webster Universities, and has written on the paranormal, and is highly concerned with the Divorce Racket and government conspiracies and has written for Our Sunday Visitor, Probe the Unknown, Liberty, Gnostica News, Beyond Reality, Forum Magazine, Caveat Emptor, The Green Egg, Forum, UFO Enigma, UFO Digest, Necrologyshorts, FATE Magazine and several others.  He currently belongs to the Carondelet Historical Society. He can be reached through this editor or at, and seen at!/stephen.erdmann1 as well as   He no longer has the P.O. Box at Maryville Station.

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  • Florin's picture Florin

    My name is Florin Dinu and I'm a software developer writing enterprise software during the day and websites on the weekends. I was born in 1985 in Romania and graduated college with an Electrical Engineering degree.

    I always try to take advantage of any free time to either create websites or write articles about interesting topics.

    I'm the creator of UFO Spottings, a comprehensive archive of UFO sightings from all over the world.

    You can reach me any time at

  • Dr. Susan Shumsky's picture Dr. Susan Shumsky

    Dr. Susan Shumsky is a best-selling author, foremost spirituality expert, pioneer in the self-development field, highly-acclaimed and greatly respected professional speaker, New Thought minister, and Doctor of Divinity. She has authored seven books, including Divine Revelation, in continuous print with Simon & Schuster for 14 years, as well as the award-winning Miracle Prayer, published by Random House, the award-winning Exploring Chakras the award-winning How to Hear the Voice of God, plus Exploring Meditation and Exploring Auras. Her latest, award-winning book, Ascension, was a #1 bestseller. All her books have been published in several languages worldwide.

    Dr. Shumsky has practiced self-development disciplines for over 40 years. For 22 years she lived in the Himalayas, the Swiss Alps, and other secluded areas, studying personally with enlightened master from India Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation and guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra. She was on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years. She then studied New Thought and metaphysics for another 24 years and became a Doctor of Divinity.

    Dr. Shumsky has taught yoga, meditation, prayer, and intuition to thousands of students all over the world since 1970 as a true New Thought pioneer. She has done over 500 speaking engagements and over 500 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman's World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, nationally syndicated TV and radio on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news, and Coast to Coast AM with George Noory. She is the founder of Divine Revelation®, a complete technology for contacting the divine presence and listening to the inner voice. She now travels extensively in a motor home, facilitating workshops, seminars, spiritual retreats, as well as tours to India, Peru, and other sacred destinations.

  • Marc G's picture Marc G

    Marc G - as a French national, University scholar in France (5 years), he's worked mainly in export sales in the US for 14 years in the past, got back to France in 2003, and currently working in establishing language training centers and a new brand in the field: New You Company. He manages and put togetrher UFO related dinner events in Rouen, Normandy, France every month, featured on this web site:

    where UFO experts from all over the world can visit us and give mini conferences either on site, or vis Skype. We've had some major names on board in French, American and British ufology during our events: Peter Robbins, Joanne Summerscales, Jennifer Stein, David Griffin (scheduled soon), Jean-Gabriel Greslé, Serge LeGuyader, Christel Seval (Publisher), Denis Denocla, Patrice Marty, Christian Comtesse, Gérard Deforge, various abductees and experiencers, etc.... I started taking part in this over a year and a half ago.

  • Dave Hodrien's picture Dave Hodrien

    Dave Hodrien - BUFOG Chairman & Investigator

    I have been interested in UFOs for the past 20 years, and for a long time have believed that the phenomena is real and occurring world-wide. I look at the subject with both an open and analytical mind. Since becoming the lead investigator for the Birmingham UFO Group, I have personally investigated hundreds of UFO sightings and contact experiences, many from around the area of Birmingham, but others from elsewhere in the UK and abroad. My reports on these incidents can be found elsewhere on the site. I have a particular interest in the contact aspect of the subject, and work closely with a hypnotherapist during particular investigations.

    I am experienced in giving lectures on cases I have investigated, and have spoken at numerous conferences. I am also a regular contributor to UFO Matrix and Paranormal magazine. If you would like to book me for a talk, or wish to discuss an experience you have had, please contact me via E-Mail:

  • Earle Benezet's picture Earle Benezet
  • Patty Greer's picture Patty Greer

    Patty Greer is a fearless film maker who has laid in more than 100 Crop Circles and created 5 full feature UFO documentaries in the past 5 years. She had no previous training, experience or intention to do any of this. She had an OBE (out of body experience) in the center of a UK Crop Circle and the rest is history.

       Patty Greer’s movies have clearly shown that Balls of Light are creating real Crop Circles in Wiltshire England. Two of her films (“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?” and “Crop Circles 2010 Update – The Wake Up Call”) expose astounding visible footage where you can see a direct band of communication between two Balls of Light just before they lay a Crop Circle down to the ground in seconds. Proof positive that Balls of Light made that Crop Circle!

       In her recent movie, “4 Stories-One Event-Other Worlds” you can see the Orange Balls of Light up close and in amazing detail. Greer shares authentic photos of a door in the Orange Balls of Light where a number of stunned witnesses watched ‘Illuminated Light Beings’ with arms, legs and a head – come out!

      If you’re a believer, be prepared to be captivated. If you’re a skeptic, be prepared to be converted! Audiences have sat silently, and experts have acknowledged seeing many new things in Greer’s extraordinary movies. Patty Greer learned to edit her own movies in December 2011 and completed her newest movie in February 2012 on her own. “4 Stories-One Event-Other Worlds” is a film that you have to see to believe!

    Bio continues:

  • Albert Venczel's picture Albert Venczel

    Albert Venczel – BIO

    Albert Venczel is a natural-born psychic, an alien contactee, and a trained Remote Viewer who is currently working towards a Bachelor of Radio and Television Arts at one of Canada’s most prestigious programs in media production. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at

  • Ursula Kalin
  • Steve Pearse's picture Steve Pearse
    Steve Pearse served four years in the military with the United States Army Security Agency 77th SOU (Clark Air Base) with a top secret teletype crypto clearance. He is now a lay scientist, e-book author, and a retired business professional with over 25 years in the field of credit management and account reconciliation of State, Federal, and Mass Merchandiser accounts.
    As a lay scientist, Steve uses his strong analytical and research skills in studying the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis; specifically the question humanity has been asking for thousands of years: Are we alone in the Universe?
    In 2000, Steve Pearse came to the conclusion that many so called anecdotal accounts involving UFOs – which were often dismissed in the media as unreliable testimony – were actually true. A turning point came when Steve stumbled across shocking new information relating to Betty Hill’s Star Map, which in turn led him on an exhaustive eight year investigation into the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis. The culmination of Steve Pearse’s research resulted in his new book, Set Your Phaser to Stun.
  • Philip Mantle's picture Philip Mantle

    Philip Mantle is the former Director of Investigations for the British UFO Research Association, is the Mutual UFO Networks representative for England, and is a honorary member of the Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomena in the Ukraine. He is an international lecturer on the subject of UFOs and has also worked for a variety of TV and radio companies around the world.

  • Piotr Cielebias
  • Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler's picture Dr. Jill Ammon-...

    The scientific director of the AMP MindPower Program is Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler. A doctor of psychology, author, and pioneer brain/mind researcher, Dr. Ammon-Wexler was among the first to introduce brainwave training to the corporate world in the ‘70s.

    She spent over 35 years working on confidential levels with individuals from the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission, IBM, GTE, Apple and many other major corporations … plus Hollywood personalities, competitive athletes, performing artists, ranking Fortune 500 executives, and a long list of “ordinary” people who became extraordinary achievers.

    Her passions include gardening, home design, skiing, writing, painting, and good conversation.

  • Freddy Silva's picture Freddy Silva

    In arranging this pilgrimage to Malta I hope to bring you on a passage through time, to experience the pendulum of worship from divine feminine to the masculine and back again, and the manner in which it was explored. In doing so we shall travel to some of the oldest temples in the world whose origins may precede a global flood that raised the level of the sea and made an island out of Malta.

  • helent's picture helent

    Sacred Earth Journeys is a unique, award winning travel company specializing in Sacred Journeys, Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats and Wisdom Teachings.

    Our Sacred Journeys programs offer opportunities to explore and connect with the spiritual energies and ancient traditions that exist at some of the most important Sacred Sites and Sacred Places around the world. In 2011 & 2012 we will be offering spiritual journeys & retreats to Greece, Guatemala, India, Kauai, Mexico, Peru, Tahiti and Thailand. In the past, we have also run journeys to other wonderful destinations such as Bali, Bolivia, Bhutan, England, Egypt, France, Guatemala, the Holy Land, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Scotland, Sedona and Tanzania which you can learn about on our Past Tours page.Our Wellness Travel & Yoga Retreats programs offer opportunities to escape from daily stresses, restore balance into our lives, and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Activities such as, Yoga, Meditation, Chi Kung, Universal Healing Tao, Hiking and Photography can also be enjoyed throughout these relaxing and fun-filled holidays. Some of the destinations we venture to are Baja, India, Kauai, Tahiti and Tofino. In the past, we have offered programs to Bali, Belize, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Maui and Mexico which you can learn about on our Past Tours page.

  • Nigel Grogan's picture Nigel Grogan

    As a child and probably in the late 60`s, I remember witnessing what can only be described as a definite and inexplicable UFO event over Birmingham England, but I first remember becoming seriously interested in the UFO phenomena at around the age of 16. I also began looking for answers to explain some of our rather extreme Human behaviour i.e. 2 world wars and the relentless destruction of our planet. I had never believed in God, but decided that there must be many extra terrestrial civilizations out there and hoped that one of them might stop our madness and being a child of the Cold War, what I expected to be an inevitable Nuclear Holocaust. I remember wishing I could have been born several hundred years later and been on board a Star Ship, hence my love of Star Trek which survives to this day.

    To cut a long story short, my life changed forever, when not long after my 21st Birthday, I finally discovered for myself that God was a reality and that he really had made himself known to Humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. This experience began to slowly reshape my understanding of the world and how it operates, including why Humanity is as it is, and to have an insight into the workings of what I now believe are the very real spiritual powers behind the UFO and Alien abduction phenomena.

    I have always tried to be level headed and down to earth and am not prone to flights of fancy. I have spent over 25 years in a variety of Social Work roles and have several professional qualifications behind me. I do not have a scientific background, but I always question what we are told by Science is fact or truth, how they know this and more importantly, why we are told.

    I now have the privilege to have the time to read and research my passion for discovering the truth.

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  • George Filer's picture George Filer
  • Johanne Robichaud's picture Johanne Robichaud

    Johanne Robichaud is a freelance writer on human development and is down in Arizona to the 21st UFO Conference. She is in contact with world-renown speakers and is writing articles about Arizona and the UFO Conference. It is a full 7 days of the paranormal and UFOs!