Link Your Site To UFO DIgest

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You will probably want to use one of these images as a link. A visitor to your Web site will be able to click through to UFO by clicking on the image. To make this happen, the name of the image must appear after IMG SRC in your HTML document. Here is an example of a link to UFO's home page using the a 120x240.gif banner:

The HTML 120x240 Banner 
The HTML 468x60 Banner 




The HTML Text Link 

How to copy coding
PC users: High-light the text to be copied, then right-click on the code and choose "Copy".
Mac users: Click and hold down over the copy and choose "Copy".
More detailed instructions
If you are using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, first place the cursor above the coding you want to copy, after it has been high-lighted. Next, if you are using a PC or Unix-based system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on a Mac, hold down the single mouse button. A small popup menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a "Copy" or "Cut" option to copy of the coding to your local hard drive.


Simply place the coding where you want the link or banner to display and you're down.