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Sirius Premieres Today - Ustream - VOD - DVD

We are providing a UStream free so you can enjoy the fun of the red carpet, Dr. Greer's opening remarks and more excitement after the film.
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Sirius Film - UFO's, ET's, and Advanced Alternative Energy Technology

Sirius Film Feat. Dr. Steven Greer By Emmy Winning Amardeep Kaleka Opens April 22
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RED DWARF X: The Last Human Returns!

Red Dwarf X, filmed in late 2011 and early 2012, holds true to its old insane stew except it is funnier than ever.
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Film Review: Paranormal Activity 4

The Paranormal Activity franchise has been one of the single biggest movie success stories of the twenty-first century so far. The original movie was completed in 2007, but its creators had to wait un
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Classic Spooky UFO Movies for Halloween - Brad and Sherry Steiger

By Brad and Sherry Steiger, Authors of Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds
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The Haunting - TV Show In Final Weeks of Casting

I am now casting a new show called The Haunting. We are looking for families experiencing an active haunting in their home. We will wire their house with cameras, and also bring help in the for
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Mexican-Guatemala Governments To Produce ET Movie

A new documentary in production has the Mexican and Guatemalan governments opening their vaults to previously classified evidence of ET interaction with the Mayans.
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Robert Hastings Won't Watch 'Chasing UFOs'

UFO-NUKES expert Robert Hastings compared National Geographic Network's new show, "Chasing UFOs", to "Blair Witch Project meets Inspector Clouseau" in a story released this week at the UFO Chronicles
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National Geographic Channel Launches 'Chasing UFOs'

Good UFO witness testimony was the golden nugget in National Geographic Channel's premiere of "Chasing UFOs" on Friday, June 29.
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Do Mermaids Exist?

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CONTINUUM - Jump Back In Time

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Reinaldo Rios UFO researcher supports Rihanna on her experience with UFOs

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‘The Hunter’

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The Bigfoot Experiment

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Heroine Defies Dictator in The Hunger Games