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I have been consciously chasing UFOs for 30 years, and probably chasing them on a subliminal basis since early childhood when I had several UFO encounters. I was State Section Director for Florida MUFON in the late 1970's, and also a field investigator for APRO. In 1980, I underwent hypnotic regression with Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, and remembered one of several childhood encounters with a being named Tibus. One encounter was aboard what appeared to be a starship (UFO).  After moving to California, I began a monthly newsletter called The Star Network Heartline for star people, contactees, abductees, enlightened humans, and light workers; this monthly newsletter is still thriving and has many of the original subscribers. In 1990, I began the longer, more in depth Change Times Quarterly while living in Amsterdam. I then moved to Ireland for 5 years and studied Celt shamanism. CTQ is also thriving today, with some amazingly accurate predictions, information from Tibus through me, and guidance for worried humans in these crazy times. I now live in North Iowa, where my childhood encounters took place, and maintain a sanctuary on ten acres for formerly stray, feral, abandoned or abused dogs and cats as well as my spiritual work, as new life and new civilizations, open to us - because we humans are now evolving.


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