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<p>I have been interested in UFO&#39;s ever since I saw one fly above my neighbors house.&nbsp; It was November 2003 about 7pm, I was in my front yard about to go inside, when I looked up and saw this triangle craft flying silently east.&nbsp; It was approx. 300-400ft above me.&nbsp; I noticed it had no light on, but I could see it did have light components on each end of the triangle, it was a gun metal grey.&nbsp; I kept my eye on the craft, I didn&#39;t want to loose sight as I couldn&#39;t believe what I was seeing.&nbsp; I noticed just after it passed above me, it started to slowely dissapear, like it was morfing.&nbsp; I started to rub my eyes, and realized it was fading, I couldn&#39;t believe what I was witnessing.&nbsp; This is something you see on TV, but not in real life.&nbsp;</p><p>I was so excited, I called the FAA, they had someone talk to me, this guy seem to be interested in what I had to say, he looked up my coordinates, and he couldn&#39;t believe the object he was seeing.&nbsp; He mentioned the object was making manuevers that none of our aircrafts can do.&nbsp; He then explained to me, that he would send me a mpeg of the radar screen.&nbsp; We exchanged numbers and email info, he said he would contact me when he was ready to send the mpeg.&nbsp; I got a call withing fifteen minutes after we hung up, it was him.&nbsp; He said, he was not the usual person that answers the phone in that department, and that he should have directed me to contac NUFOC.&nbsp; He was not able to send the MPEG, as he had hoped.&nbsp; I think he got into some trouble for confirming that there was a craft on radar.&nbsp;</p><p>Since then, I have seen other crafts, not as close as the triangle, but I have seen a few.&nbsp; I even have a few photos, and videos.</p>


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