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It seems quite obvious that the U.S. government became concerned shortly after the 1967 experimental underground nuclear detonation, i.e., Project Gasbuggy, which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico. Project Gasbuggy was ostensibly held to help ease the flow of natural gas entrapped under hard rocks deep underground in that region. But it became apparent that the radiation from the experiment began to leak out slowly in the area.
Without alarming the public, beginning in the mid 1970s, it began to secretly monitor the radiation levels of certain cattle in the region. It was obvious that the Gomez family was specifically targeted during the mutilations. The Gomez ranch's herd (the largest rancher in the Dulce area) was more than likely used as a test herd (with clandestinely conducted, selective tissues examinations) similar to the herd purchased by the government in Nevada, i.e., Nevada Test Site and adjacent areas.

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Radiation from nuclear tests in Nevada definitely had an effect on animals, such as cattle.

In the case of Nevada, the government did admit the effect and openly purchased the cattle for tests. 
However, Project Gasbuggy (December 10, 1967) was conducted at a remote, non-descript area right next to the Jicarilla Apache reservation in New Mexico.
The scientists conducting the studies "could experiment with the Gomez cattle and still maintain scientific control and integrity over their experiments without purchasing more cattle, or more importantly, without alarming the public and news media and drawing attention to the study of radioactive waste that the government had already sold to the public as completely safe". (QUOTE from the book).
STATEMENT OF CORRECTION, from Edmund Gomez: "I never was on Bigelow's pay role as was Gabe Valdez and others. The non-disclosure statement I signed with Mr. Bigelow was for a one-time meeting I was invited to attend in Las Vegas several years ago. I would never compromise my integrity by signing a non-disclosure statement for profit."