Confirmation of UFO Over London

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A UFO sighting on Oct. 28, 2012 was recorded on video in London, England. The footage of the unidentified flying object lasts only a matter of seconds. It is 22 seconds long to be exact. The video shows a view of a highway or other multi-lane road as seen through the windscreen of a moving vehicle. Along the right side of the image, oncoming traffic can be seen. Since the sky is dark, the vehicles all have on their headlights. Illuminated streetlights can also be seen at regular intervals above the roadway on the right.

Although the UFO sighting is being called "confirmed," there is no information available regarding who confirmed it or what criteria were used to confirm the UFO sighting. The only description of the UFO in question on YouTube and First Post is "the unidentified flying object can been seen flying low over the motorway at high speed."

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