ET Abductee: "DIsclosure" event planned using human-looking...

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VANCOUVER, BC - In an May. 15, 2014 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsTV, a 33 year old male ET abductee using the moniker “George” to remain anonymous confirmed that his interactions with hyperdimensional predatory Grey ETs and his discussions with fellow abductees indicate that this species may be planning a “Disclosure” event planned using human-looking hyperdimensional offspring of hyperdimensional predatory Grey ETs. ET abductee “George”, who is based in the Vancouver, BC area indicates that this event may be planned for the end of 2014, although it could occur in 2015-16 depending upon contingencies.

In the interview, ET Abductee George agreed that the target of the predatory ETs is the human soul, and that spreading awareness among our communities of the importance of a spiritual and soul-centered life is vital for our planetary and species success, as well as coordination with advanced, ethical interdimensional civilizations and spiritual forces.

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