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VIDEO INSPECTION OF THE FIRST AGROGLIFO Ipuaçu, FROM THE GROUND. This is a roundup of videos made ​​by UFO Magazine of the first agroglifo Ipuaçu this year, Santa Catarina, discovered on November 2, 2013. Me and Toni Inajar Kurowski, special adviser to the UFO, documented facts on the same day with lots of photos and videos. This one posted, with no editing, it is only to provide information quickly. Immediately follow a more well crafted. Look for other videos to see the rest of the inspection. figures are two totally separate those that have arisen in Santa Catarina this day November 2, both large and complex, each having close to 55 m in diameter. Steps have been taken out of their full article will be published in the December issue of UFO Magazine. This video refers to the filming of the first figure, which is a spiral with 13 past ingeniously produced in a wheat field on a slope of about 10 degrees, no more than 800 m from the center of Ipuaçu and visible from one of its streets. The spiral has its "channels" with plants bent clockwise throughout its length. In a few moments the videos is said that his sense is counterclockwise, but this is not right. The direction is clockwise. At the northern tip of the spiral there is what appears to be an "hourglass" also crushed plants, surrounded by a circle that is the end of the spiral at his side, with plants tucked in a counterclockwise direction. A work of great complexity. Check out the video imagery. Since the figure was discovered, having been formed in the middle of the morning the date given, between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., had a certain amount of people walking on the agroglifo, but it is relatively intact, with plans to around a lush, golden wheat ready for harvest. The intelligence that produced this phenomenon certainly wanted him to be seen, because it appears splendidly from a neighborhood south of Ipuaçu. Ademar José Gevaerd Editor of UFO Magazine.

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