Ghost Attack Caught On Camera

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Hello. There's a channel I subscribe to on youtube that is videos from a paranormal group and their videos have recently been getting really popular and they are now a youtube partner paranormal channel, but any ways they have a new video that was uploaded today that I thought maybe you should put up on your website, well many of their videos are worthy of putting up on your site, but the newest one just really scared the hell out of me.

READ THIS - This video clip is from a larger video recorded during a paranormal investigation at the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts.

During this video I was setting up the camera in the doorway between the kitchen and living room of the Lizzie Borden house to record the two front rooms & hallway.

I kept recording as I was setting up the camera and after watching back this video I noticed something strange... on the right side you can see something come out of nowhere right at me as I was standing behind the camera... the moving of the camera is me moving it left to right and tightening it on the tripod, but what comes at me from the right, then the left, and then it goes back out to the left is very obviously NOT me.

I did not see this entity attack at the time I was setting up this camera, and didn't know it happened until the next day. The next morning when I was showering I noticed a nickel sized round bruise on my upper left chest near my shoulder and it wasn't until I watched this video that I understood where this bruise came from.