Missing Time

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Promotional video for the planned film adaption of Missing Time by Philip Mantle and Nabil Shaban.

MISSING TIME is a powerful and emotional journey involving married couple Alan and Pamela Morrison and their teenage daughter Wendy. Alan is a teacher at the local High School and his wife Pamela is a social worker for the local authority. One night whilst driving back from their in-laws home near the rural West Yorkshire village of East Yardsley, the Morrison family encounter something that would change their lives and world view forever.

The Morrison's have a close encounter, a close encounter with something quite extraordinary. On arriving home they discover nearly four hours of their lives MISSING. Plagued by nightmarish dreams the Morrison's look for answers for their 'MISSING TIME'. Their search for answers threatens to tear the family apart, leaving them with lives that will never be the same again.

Music for this promotional video was produced by UK composer Janus.