Nasa Videos - Space War

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I found this video on The Above Top Secret website with the following information:

Appears to be a disc shape, showing around 0:40 but stuff is going on prior. Video was uploaded in July but may be from an earlier date, with YouTube.. You never really know.

Thought I'd share. IF not CGI, it's wild to say what it may be.


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I made an account after seeing this video right now because it is scary how close this resembles a dream I just had this past week. I'm from the states visiting my girlfriend in Sweden and have been here for a month but this past week I had a dream where there was a battle happening in space or the atmosphere above that was able to be viewed by the people on earth. Ufos were either not seem, or barely seen as very dim stars ...but the same flashes of light from these "explosions" seen in this video were stopping people in their tracks perplexing them to what was happening up above. Honestly, I am terrible at explaining this but after having a life changing experience with a sighting of a ''UFO', I'm led to believe that we as humans are more powerful then we give ourselves credit to be. The universe and our minds are all connected, we just need to tap into them! Either way, at the end of my dream we had a visitation and people were taken away into space by these beings. Maybe we will see this in our lifetime?
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I believe those flashes are thunderstorms in the atmosphere.
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Neat video! I have seen only parts of this before. There sure is a lot going on up there. I am now wondering if this might be the *real* reason we have an International Space Station up there: so we can keep tabs on the various aliens who are keeping tabs on us.
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Yes it was an interesting video. There was nothing going on. We saw some luminous orbs which can have numerous explanations. Those lightning flashes in the atmosphere were not explosions because of some alien war.