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Night vision footage taken on 11/8/13 at 2:19am Central Time from Lebanon Missouri.  Recorded using a Sony Handy Cam with a PVS7 NVG binocular. I was located at 37.7961085,-92.6413891.

Let's go with the masses on this for a moment and agree that all man made airplanes and helicopters have strobe lights even though I don’t personally agree with that statement based on my previous video taken in the same place

So that would mean that the strobing lights in my video are that of a helicopter, airplane or a balloon but certainly man made because there is no way that a UFO would have strobe lights.    

The maximum altitude a helicopter could reach is about 40,000 feet, military planes about 120,000 feet, commercial planes about 45,000 and a balloon 128,000 feet.   

It’s very hard to say what altitude the strobing light is traveling at however I’m going to guess that it was a helicopter at about 10,000-15,000 feet based on previous planes that I saw that night. 

What we can conclude with a certain fact is that what ever it may be (either a helicopter/airplane/balloon) it must have been below an altitude of 128,000 feet or 24.2 miles.

So that means that some object of unknown size at an unknown altitude and unknown origin was just sitting in the air motionless when a helicopter passed behind it. 

For you astronomy buffs I was actually looking a tad South East about 130-140 deg and the two bright stars in the beginning of the video are I believe Sirus and Murzim.  I’m not 100% positive on that as I cannot validate the remaining video star patterns with my current software. 

I have to ask the UFO Community does this mean that cloaked UFO’s are sitting in the air and are only visible through NVG’s?

Additional videos showing numerous moving objects going behind stationary objects in the air.