Is this the next step in your evolution?

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But whatever your personal beliefs are, there is one thing we can all agree on:

The human race adapts to its surroundings.

When we found ourselves in darkness, we tamed fire.

When we wanted convenience, we harnessed electricity.

In Laredo, Texas, 1964, a radio repairman made an astonishing discovery about the human mind. Could this discovery hold the key to your personal evolution?

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I appreciate articles on the subject of expansion of consciousness, meditative techniques, and related subjects. In 1964 I looked very carefully into the Sylva Method. It has been a money machine, but the allegation that Sylva found something the meditating mystics have not found is hyperbole to the max. I frankly was surprised to find a Sylva infomercial on your site. If the method benefits you - whatever works. In '64, having been involved with Zen for sometime, I quickly saw Sylva had nothing to offer me. The goals described are achievable. Thousands of years of meditative experience offer massive proof.

<p>Rip Parker</p>