"Occupy Adam's Calendar" Part I Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation: Geneticist William Brown

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The film is a tour de force on the science of extraterrestrial intervention and genetic manipulation of our Earth human species as seen through the genius of University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown. The film grows out of Occupy Adam's Calendar, a 280,000 year-old Annunaki extraterrestrial site in South Africa. On November 28, 2011 international researchers including University of Hawaii geneticist William Brown joined activist and author Michael Tellinger to Occupy Adam's Calendar, break the cycle of Annunaki occupation, and reveal it to the world.

Read the complete article: http://www.ufodigest.com/article/occupy-adams-calendar-part-i-extraterrestrial-genetic-manipulation-geneticist-william-brown


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...Thnak you Alfred.


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William's credentials may be a bit overstated here. He is a student at University of Hawaii but has received no degrees from UH nor is any of his work at UH focused on extraterrestrial studies. I just want to avoid any confusion for people who might see this and assume that UH is funding/supporting extraterrestrial studies.