Summer Roadtrip: UFO Generates Atmospheric Hole

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Exclusive video from Secret Message TV reveals a UFO accompanied by an atmospheric hole recorded during a late-night summer skywatch at a remote canyon location in Southwestern British Columbia, Canada. previously covered a road trip to the same location featuring a Vancouver-based UFO videographer whose astral travels facilitate contact with extraterrestrial intelligences. In the video, the infrared nightshot point-of-view camera detects an object crossing the sky and strobing light at variable intensities over approximately sixteen second intervals. At peak luminous intensity, the UFO registers numerous clusters of dark pixels on the camera's three-CCD sensors, including a dark portion of sky resembling a tear in the atmosphere surrounding the object. Thailand-based Finnish composer Miika Kuisma recently joined Secret Message TV as a musical contributor, firmly establishing the Vancouver-based online video podcast feature as a truly international production.