TR-3B Black Triangle Revealed Explained to Stop Mistaken UFO OVNI Reports

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Short video explanation of this military craft that so many have seen and recorded so to stop some mistaken UFO reporting that has happened. I and my family have seen thing float right over ouer our house, so I know it it is real. Columbus Air Force base is just down the road. This thing monitors the sky around here regularly, I work third shift and have taken others out out 3am to see it most any night, slowly mapping or scanning I call it, across the area, but it just looks like a very slow moving light when its way high so it's not worth recording.

My gut feeling is this thing is absorbing the radio & wireless waves in the area, because it is rural, with only large fields and factories, nothing to see here!! ha I put another video that shows better what me and my mom saw, and some policemen in Illinois saw it as well.


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Youtube no longer has video!!
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I can only say it worked when I put it up. Sorry the inconvenience. Dirk

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