UFO contact at ECETI Ranch confirmed in new video

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This video provides compelling evidence for UFO phenomena featuring captures from a dual imaging system incorporating professional 3CCD color, infrared and digital night vision technologies mounted on one camera rig that can pan, tilt and zoom while tracking objects in the skies. Simultaneous UFO recording through two imaging systems excludes instrumental failure in one camera as a possible cause of the images, just as celestial phenomena confirmed in astronomy through two or more telescopes qualifies those observations as scientific fact.

In his comments from earlier this morning, Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) founder James Gilliland said “This video captures both the essence and energy of ongoing contacts and sightings at ECETI Ranch – great job!”

Examiner.com has reported on the ECETI Ranch as a focal point for incidents of missing time and iconic communications from UFO’s. Coverage has also documented how important technical UFO data from the ranch is being supressed and sidelined by major institutions within the paranormal community. In spite of these challenges, a legal defense fundraiser to help the ranch meet its objectives of providing an educational environment facilitating direct contact for members of the public (in the absence of such programs sponsored by any major research university or college) met its objectives in 48 hours earlier this year, thanks to contributions from international supporters. A more recent incident involving an overflight by military helicopters (who can't stop the ongoing UFO contact) is described here.

The Vancouver UFO Examiner is reporting live from the ECETI Ranch over the upcoming holiday weekend. Watch this column for more exciting news from one of the world’s greatest UFO hotspots in the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver, BC regions.