UFO Disclosure 2010 Must See!

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It seems that for many years the UFO phenomena has had its share of bumps and bruised along the way. The Ufology community has fought a long and hard battle to get recognition in the main stream world and change its view by the general public of the stereo typical tin foil hat wearing nutters that see little green men. Fuelled by several factors that have been stumbling blocks that have been mountain size for the UFO community, everything from deliberate hoaxes to discredit Ufologists to the silence of the governments of the world.

These things have given a negative atmosphere surrounding anything that has to do with UFO's. The other side of the coin is the giggle factor that has become a normal reaction when the topic arises publicly. For example, we all have seen a news cast where the news reporter of news anchor talks about UFO's with a joking smirk on their faces or tell the story in a half fast joking tone as if they are secretly mocking the story, but needless to say the ufology community pushes forward to new and exciting heights.

Over the past couple of years a few things have come to the public table to shake the foundations of the negative propaganda that even the most fervent of sceptics even have to sit up take notice of. Over the recent past we have seen many professional people coming forward to tell their take and personal experiences about UFO's and ET/ Human contact. One big example was the former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer speaking publicly about the governments part in the ufo cover up.