UFO Filmed at 2012 Olympics London

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Do not forget that the original video is from the very serious newspaper in Britain "The Telegraph". We can not imagine a montage of this newspaper, which would lose all credibility! When you see the shape of the UFO filmed on pemier from the left, it really a form of "Flying Saucer", which has nothing to do with the shape of the ball "Goodyear"! And what an idea to fly a blimp during the launching of fireworks, which defies the laws of aviation safety! In this video here, you see the blimp shot where we see its anti-collision lights, it is no on the UFO "Flying Saucer". Moreover it is not written on the UFO brand "Goodyear" ....


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The Goodyear Blimp was given the honor of flying during the opening ceremony and provided a platform for filming overhead shots of the ceremony and the pyrotechnic display for TV coverage. No aviation rules were broken as the blimp stayed out of range. All of the so called "2012 Olympic ceremony UFO" videos show the Goodyear Blimp which had its Goodyear logo removed due to Goodyear not being an Official Olympic sponsor. http://www.goodyearblimp.co.uk/news/goodyear-olympic-statement/ http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4377418594116&set=a.1530347419116.72287.1247648298&type=1&the... As a believer in UFOs myself I always try to avoid jumping to conclusions without first exploring all rational explanations. Sadly many people can get so into the idea that a particular sighting is true that they will defend the idea even in the face of it being proved not true. Some would even describe such proof as disinformation and the bringer of the proof as a Government shill, a reptilian servant or CIA employee. A good video for those who still think it was a UFO is here this shows a sighting of the blimp in Feb 2012 with the same UFO profile as at the Olympic ceremony and does a good job of comparison. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=13hqsJHVmxM&NR=1 There will be more sightings of it mistaken as a UFO in the next few weeks I am Sure. Also because of the security arrangements and terrorist attack threat there is a high military presence with hi tech military flying drones,military helicopters and surface to air missile launchers covering the Olympics. There is plenty of potential for multiple UFO sightings with all that going on. http://www.examiner.com/article/olympics-ufo-just-goodyear-blimp?fb_action_ids=4385416794066&fb_acti...
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The craft is rotating and there is no gondola or GOODYEAR logo written on the side.
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The Goodyear website has made a clear statement that the logo had to be removed for the Olympics. The Up-loader of the video on youtube stated as fact that the blimp was grounded during the display, this is not true. The blimp was providing the overhead video angles for the TV coverage the whole time. Please investigate the links provided in my comment above as they will answer most of these questions. As to the craft rotating (the alleged second UFO) that is pure speculation, the video is not clear enough to draw such conclusions and at most you can only say that the craft on the right of the Video looks as if it may be rotating. According to the Examiner article the blimp also turned off the Anti Collision lights during the Fireworks the reason is unknown, possibly not to distract from the display (but I am merely guessing). Plus! A lot of bets were placed on there being a verified UFO sighting during the Olympics giving good reason for folk to want a sighting to occur! Because of the military alert there are some things flying out there that are not normal everyday things but they are identified.