UKs MoD Releases Final Batch of UFO Files

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Highlights from the final release of files from the Ministry of Defence...

A UFO in Britain is making news today after Ministry of Defense files were released. Several of the files show photos of objects in the sky that some believe are UFOs. On June 21, CBS News reported that new information as to why the military shut down its UFO desk a few years ago has surfaced -- there's just not enough evidence to prove anything one way or the other.

A UFO in Britain would be quite amazing but there have reportedly been a lot of alleged sightings. Of course people say that the objects in the photos are likely birds, airplanes, or drones... but these so-called "X-files" could hold something more -- to those who believe, anyway. In 2009, over 600 sightings had been reported in the area. So what gives?"The 25 files detail reports of alien abductions, sightings, offers to develop weapons to shoot UFOs out of the sky - and the reason for the UFO desk's shutdown. Among the documents - spread out over 4,400 pages - was a memo to then-Defense Minister Bob Ainsworth in November 2009, saying that the UFO operation was 'consuming increasing resource, but produces no valuable defense output,'" CBS News reported.

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