Ultradimensional UFO defies censorship, appears at ECETI (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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"[T]here's definite censorship going on, even within the major UFO community and the talk shows," says James Gilliland, founder of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and UFO videographer extraordinaire. Mr. Gilliland provided Vancouver-based Secret Message TV with exclusive access to new footage of a UFO that descends from Mt. Adams in Washington State, turns and then flies below treetop level over the ECETI Field of Dreams. This same field is where hundreds of witnesses observed UFO's over the July 4th holiday weekend, watching as the mysterious craft appeared on Mt. Adams, changed colors and produced spectacular light displays.

"We sent some top footage out to all the UFO groups, national reporting centres - everything. [We] didn't hear one peep back from them," he explained, "They wouldn't air it". The entire 60 minute interview is also available as an episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition.