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Video capture. Videotape and photograph a "variable UFO" in San Miguel de Tucumán.

TUCUMÁN - Users Youtube Javier López Posse uploaded a video in which he claims that filmed a "Variable UFO "in San Miguel de Tucumán on 23 November, around 1730. "Their shapes and colors make it shocking, I sort of film it and get pictures. Its origins and intentions remain a mystery, "says in the video. It adds: "The evidence of this type of UFOs, are becoming more and more clear in many parts of the world." 



UFO Triangular Night Vision 14/11/2013




Mexicans witnessed an alleged triangular UFO flying over the skies of León, Guanajuato.

The alleged UFO was recorded on video on 14 November in León in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. The recording is from the [YouTube] channel belonging to “jmhz71” and it displays a triangular object flying across Mexican skies at high speed.

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Transhumanist controllers attempt assassination by remote suffocation

Alfred Lambremont Webre



In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, EUCACH.ORG Executive Director Magnus Olsson describes the Nov. 16, 2013 assassination attempt on his life by controllers of the Transhumanist agenda using remote suffocation technology.  The assassination attempt occurred shortly after the EUCACH team had met in Geneva, Switzerland with the World Organization against Torture.  Magnus Olsson’s life was saved by CPR administered by his mother, a nurse, while the EUCACH team waited with him for an ambulance to take him to hospital.

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Breaking News UFO Sightings Massive UFO Fleet Over LA? November 16 2013 Watch Now! Just into Thirdphaseofmoon Via Phone Call with Private Investigator Joe Rodriguez Watch Full Un-cut Raw Video Check Joe Rodriguez Link!


UFOs, Disclosure And The White House

Nuclear Physicist, Stanton T . Friedman joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he discusses recent government activity related to UFO disclosure and the declassification of government documents.


Researcher, Christopher O'Brien joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where he delves into they mysterious phenomena of cattle mutilation.  Is it a secret government operation or the work of extraterrestrials?


VIDEO INSPECTION OF THE FIRST AGROGLIFO Ipuaçu, FROM THE GROUND. This is a roundup of videos made ​​by UFO Magazine of the first agroglifo Ipuaçu this year, Santa Catarina, discovered on November 2, 2013. Me and Toni Inajar Kurowski, special adviser to the UFO, documented facts on the same day with lots of photos and videos. This one posted, with no editing, it is only to provide information quickly. Immediately follow a more well crafted. Look for other videos to see the rest of the inspection. figures are two totally separate those that have arisen in Santa Catarina this day November 2, both large and complex, each having close to 55 m in diameter. Steps have been taken out of their full article will be published in the December issue of UFO Magazine. This video refers to the filming of the first figure, which is a spiral with 13 past ingeniously produced in a wheat field on a slope of about 10 degrees, no more than 800 m from the center of Ipuaçu and visible from one of its streets. The spiral has its "channels" with plants bent clockwise throughout its length. In a few moments the videos is said that his sense is counterclockwise, but this is not right. The direction is clockwise. At the northern tip of the spiral there is what appears to be an "hourglass" also crushed plants, surrounded by a circle that is the end of the spiral at his side, with plants tucked in a counterclockwise direction. A work of great complexity. Check out the video imagery. Since the figure was discovered, having been formed in the middle of the morning the date given, between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., had a certain amount of people walking on the agroglifo, but it is relatively intact, with plans to around a lush, golden wheat ready for harvest. The intelligence that produced this phenomenon certainly wanted him to be seen, because it appears splendidly from a neighborhood south of Ipuaçu. Ademar José Gevaerd Editor of UFO Magazine.

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ARGENTINA: Andrea Pérez Simondini at VISION OVNI has posted a photograph of a strange light formation (captured during the month of April, 2012) that has been explained away as "maneuvers by fishing boats trying to attract fish with lights". What makes it truly intriguing is that the light formation appears to exist in the "vile vortex" area described in Luis Burgos' The Punta Indio Aquatic Connection ( but this is what our friends at VISION OVNI have written on the matter:
Satellite captures mysterious lights in the middle of the ocean!
"A NASA satellite detected a large and strange concentration of lights in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 300 km from the coast and along the southern edge of America, parallel to the Patagonian shoreline to be exact. The concentration lasted only a few days, leading to much speculation about its origin by the team of scientists monitoring the events, given the full awareness taht tehre was nothing in the area identified that could justify the lights, such as oil rigs.


Continuing in this series of video interviews on Galactic Diplomacy Neil Gould and Cheuk Fei of Hong Kong Media platform MJ13 provide exopolitical commentary, this time, on a species of extraterrestrials known as the Greys.

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Doorways Documentary 2013

Ronald D



I received the following email concerning this video: 'We would like to share our new ufo documentary with you.  Hope you like it, and maybe could share it with other people. Friendly regards from Ronald and Suzan from Holland.'.

Published on Oct 28, 2013


From the makers of: Frequency Documentary 2012

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UFO Hovers Over Derby, UK

A glowing disc-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted hovering over the skies of Derby, England.
Ufologist Scott C Waring and author of the blog site Ufosightingsdaily posted the video of the sighting on his website and wrote: "This glowing orb is not the moon. I saw the moon last night and its only a long splinter and wont be a full moon for awhile. This orb does begin to move and drops down into the clouds to hide."

Dark Skies TRAILER (2013)

I watched the Canadian debut of a new movie on The Movie Network Saturday night (October 26, 2013).  I must say it made quite an impression on me. It was called Dark Skies. I sat down expecting the 'run of the mill' formula Alien Invasion movie and to my surprise was literally transported into the lives of the characters on the screen and facing the same horrors and shocks as they did. The movie stars Keri Russell (The Americans - TV series), Jake Brennan and Josh Hamilton.
One morning Keri Russell's character Lacy Barrett, the mother of the household, is first to go downstairs to start breakfast and she is startled by see food stuffs scattered all over the kitchen floor. She and her husband Daniel, played by Josh Hamilton, ask their children (Sam, their youngest, played by Kadan Rockett and Jessie played by Dakota Goyo, their oldest) if they knew who made the mess and the youngest child claims it was done by the "sandman." The next day, Lacy finds her dining room glassware stacked up one upon another forming towers, casting geometric patterns on the ceiling. At his point the police are called, the alarm system is reactivated (it had been deactivated because Daniel lost his job due to downsizing) and things go from bad to worse. 






This UFO sighting with strange colors was filmed during night in Toronto, Canada.



Mid West UFO Reporting Agency case file #3 09/18/2013

The following video was taken by my daughter in Colby KS on 09/18/13 at 4:30 am.
I could not wait to share this video with you all! This has to be one of the most incredible UFO videos I have ever seen. Do not take your eyes off of it! I apologize in advance for the expletives contained within the video so if you have children you may want to mute the sound as there are many.
This was seen only with her cell phone. The only object that could be seen with the naked eye was the strobe in the distance. She has a high end phone that has a camera that can filter infrared. Another of the witnesses could not see the objects with his phone. So that having been said, this is a unique situation for this sighting, and I think it would be almost impossible to gauge size and distance. First because it is night time and second is because the objects could not be seen with the naked eye.






Scanning the sky from my garden in Eastern Green, Coventry facing north with the sun behind me for safety reasons (as always) using Nikon 8 x 40 Binoculars to sweep the sky in a grid pattern covering the sky from North-east to North-west. Looking for unusual small dot-like objects, which may not be balloons. 

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